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Dear Diary

November 19, 2023

12:30. Got up. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Mom was already cooking macaroni. Got a can of Bubly. Took my meds.

Watched Rick and Morty. Went upstairs. Plugged in electric menorah. Ate a banana. Mom started making macaroni.

Ate four slices of avocado toast and had a cup of tea with soy milk and sugar. Had a cup of hot cocoa made with soy milk.

Went to Price Chopper, got pimientos and green beans, and a Pepsi. Went to Love's, picked up Mom's Christmas lights from Amazon.

15:30. Returned home. Mom mixed the pimientos into the macaroni. Had a plate of macaroni with peas. Helped Mom set up her Christmas lights.

Today I learned Travis and Jason Kelce are not playing against each other in tomorrow's game; they're sitting on the bench. This is for the sake of peace in the home.

Asked for help getting UCM config working on GNU Guix. No response.

17:00. Switched keyboard layout to U.S. Dvorak again! Someone in #emacs suggested Jupyter for literate programming. Someone mentioned Vim, and it reminded me of a video about a Vim user who switched to GNU Emacs with Evil Mode.

18:40. Watched Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal with Mom.

19:00. Night Theme Switcher finally changed my desktop to dark mode. Posted about my UCM config issue with Miller the Chromebook. Found more pig wallpapers for dark mode. Settled on a photo of two pigs in a cage.

20:18. Wrote to the GNU LibreJS team, to possibly add support for the COIL, for Zerock. I wish he'd use a normal software license. Mom is crying; she and Jim were talking too much about Grandma. We miss her.

21:00. Trying to package chromebook-ucm-conf using alsa-ucm-conf as a template. This is all I've got. I don't know what to do about the hash; I don't know how to generate it, or what to generate it on.

(define-public chromebook-ucm-conf
  (let ((commit "1328e46bfca6db2c609df9c68d37bb418e6fe279")
        (revision "1"))
    (name "chromebook-ucm-conf")
    (version (git-version "0.0" revision commit))
    (source (origin
              (method git-fetch)
              (uri (git-reference
            (url "https://github.com/WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-ucm-conf")
            (commit commit)))
          (file-name (git-file-name name version))
    (build-system copy-build-system)
       '(("ucm" "share/alsa/ucm")
         ("ucm2" "share/alsa/ucm2"))))
    (home-page "https://github.com/WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-ucm-conf")
    (synopsis "Alsa UCM configuration for chrome devices")
     "A collection of modified ChromeOS UCM configuration files optimized for mainline Linux")
    (license license:bsd-3)))

See yesterday's entry for a description of where the files are supposed to go. I don't know how to get files into /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/conf.d/ from this package definition. Not sure how to use copy-build-system.

21:50. Ate some more macaroni. Ate all the macaroni that wasn't put away into a container for the fridge. Two plates.

22:32. Trying to figure out how to get the hash for my package definition, so I can try to build it. I believe I got it using guix download.

caleb@miller ~🍁 guix download https://ghttps://github.com/WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-ucm-conf 

Starting download of /tmp/guix-file.MtZEmS
From https://github.com/WeirdTreeThing/chromebook-ucm-conf...
 chromebook-ucm-conf               79KiB/s 00:03 | 226KiB transferred

Hope that works! Oh, no. Someone says I should do something else.

caleb@miller ~/Private/Projects/chromebook-ucm-conf🍁 guix hash -rx .

But #:install-plan may still be wrong. I need to somehow specify that common goes into ucm2 and that glk goes into /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/conf.d/. I think I did it.

    (build-system copy-build-system)
       '(("glk" "share/alsa/ucm2/conf.d")
         ("common" "share/alsa/ucm2"))))

Scared to build this. It might fail. It's got to fail.

23:03. Mom went to bed. I got the package to build. I had to add a few lines after some trial and error. Thanks to the helpful error messages!

(use-modules (guix packages)
             (guix git-download)
             (guix build-system copy)
             ((guix licenses) #:prefix license:))
;; ...

23:52. Aunt Sue left for work.