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Dear Diary

November 18, 2023

12:30. Got up. Mike, Vanessa and Rose were in the middle of leaving with Sweetie. Put on pyjamas. Went downstairs. Took pills. Took B12. Got a can of Bubly.

Ate a bowl of Cheerios with soy milk. Stomach a little upset. Had a mint candy that soothed it quite well.

Uncle Jim put a sword or something on my part of the couch, along with his tablet and his pistol. Paced around for a while until I finally moved the stuff out of my way.

Moved charger to the living room. Helped Aunt Sue take in the groceries. Watched South Park.

Bud is off the ventilator, thank God.

My JMP balance is low. I need to replenish it soon.

16:28. Got mom a few beers. Got myself a Guinness. Cleared my inbox.

Added sof-firmware to Miller. Added nonguix repository to channels.scm, so I can build Miller. Ran guix pull. Got a Hamm's beer. (I'm out of Guinness.)

Got a response from the author of chromebook-linux-audio.

Some important info about your device: it is an Intel GLK which means it uses sof, so you need sof-firmware. I'm not sure if that is packaged in Guix or not, probably not. Luckily, you can build your own firmware since GLK will boot DSP f.w. signed with the community key, unlike older platforms which would only boot DSP fw signed with Intel's private key. And then you need UCM, which is in my chromebook-ucm-conf GitHub repo. You need to copy each dir in GLK of my repo to /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/conf.d/. You also need to copy the common dir to /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/. The rest of the script is unlikely to be required for your device.

So, I need sof-firmware and the author's UCM configs.

Got a peppermint candy.

18:00. Thought of getting some Amy's Chinese noodles. Heated up the Chinese noodles. Ate two boxes of Chinese noodles and finished them off with a few prunes.

18:30. Put the kettle on. Made a cup of chamomile herbal tea.

19:00. Trying to decide how I should run proprietary web programs, since not running them at all is very difficult to do, since I need access to my bank. Considering installing Firefox as a dedicated program to run them in. It will:


19:38. Replenished funds for my JMP telephone service. Ended up running bank software in IceCat.

20:00. Watched South Park.

21:30. Mom went to bed. I went to bed.