Elie Wiesel’s Night in the original Yiddish

The novel was serialized in the Forverts in 1965, which you can find online on the Historical Jewish Press website. I don’t know however if this differs significantly from the version published in book form in 1956 in Buenos Aires.

Here are the Forverts dates:

Yiddish Health Tips

New book in Yiddish health tips, from Hamaspik monthly publications.

Here’s two copies of the Yiddish publication I managed to find online.

I receive it in the post, you can probably get the pdf version as well by emailing

Yiddish Jokes

ייִדישע װיצן

This one might be funny, if read with a Polish Yiddish accent.

A goy on a yid

Jokes about spelling are hilarious.

A libe-shidekh

In mayn tsetl