Dear Diary

diciembre 21, 2023

09:30. Went downstairs. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Took my meds. Greeted Mom. Had a blueberry coconut yogurt with granola.

17:40. Got back home from Harrisonville. Went to Walmart and got Mom's food, and some stuff for me: Pringles, a Pepsi, vegan chicken tenders, vegan ham slices, vegan cheese slices. Went to Green Light Dispensary and got a cartridge for $36 USD. My card did not work. I had to go to QuikTrip and use an ATM to pay with cash. Went to Papa Murphy's and got pizza for everyone.

Ate pizza. Took a hit of cannabis. Munched on almost a whole can of Pringles.

20:09. Mom goes to her room.