Dear Diary

diciembre 18, 2023

06:00. Chatted on IRC in toki+pona toki pona. Fell asleep again.

11:00. Got up. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Took pills. Took a shower. Made tea. Went to Walmart.

14:30. Came home from Walmart. Took in the groceries. Got water, Bubly, green onion, cashews, pimientos, lentils, pie, granola, a can of Monster. Gave Aunt Sue her Christmas present early - a massager. Ate a vanilla soy yogurt with granola. The pimientos were hard to find; we found them in aisle A11, by the Mexican foods.

17:09. Checked email.

20:00. Ate macaroni with faux chicken, and peas garnished with cashew parmesan. Also had two tiny apple pie pockets with salted caramel cluster coconut ice cream.

Macaroni, chicken, and peas.

21:43. Mom went to bed. I found a Ladino dictionary.