Dear Diary

diciembre 16, 2023

09:15. Checked IRC. Went downstairs. Reheated a cup of tea. Took meds.

10:00. I learned about nasin sitelen kalama (syllabic method) from It looks promising as a way to write less.

11:00. Mom comes out of her room. I ate strawberry soy yogurt with granola. I made oatmeal.

12:00. Ate oatmeal with maple syrup and hemp seeds.

14:00. Drank a small glass of Pepsi and got another glass of Pepsi. Finished the Pepsi.

17:08. Watching The Garden: Commune or Cult on Amazon Prime Video. Took vitamin B12.

20:30. Ate two servings of vegan huevos rancheros. Rinsed my mouth with mouth wash.