Dear Diary

December 15, 2023

09:30. Got up. Went downstairs. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Took meds. Made tea.

10:00. Had oatmeal with apple butter and hemp seeds. Had vanilla soy yogurt with granola. Drank Irish breakfast tea.

11:00. Took the trash out. Put a fresh trash bag in the trash can. The trash bags smell horrible with the strong wintergreen mint.

14:00. Had a bowl of Buffalo buttered popcorn.

16:30. Poured a glass of wine and lit שבת (Shabbat) candles.

18:12. Watched Jesus of Nazereth with Mom. Got a glass of Pepsi. Uncle Jim said the Jews killed Jesus. Ate two big burritos. Had a piece of chocolate.

19:00. Mom goes to her room.

20:12. mi wile lape. (I'm tired.) I went to my room.