Dear Diary

diciembre 14, 2023

08:00. Chatted on mobile device. Put on socks and slippers. Went downstairs. Made tea. Took meds.

Chatted in toki+pona (toki pona) on IRC. Added toki+pona script to website.

11:00. Ate four slices of bread with apple butter. Ate a cup of strawberry soy yogurt with granola. Drank a glass of Sunny-D.

15:00. Returned from Walmart. Took the groceries in. Got soy milk, faux Mexican taco meat, faux fish, refried beans, sugar, soy yogurt, rooibos, caffeinated Bubly, guacamole, shredded lettuce, vegan shredded cheese, Buffalo popcorn seasoning, kettle corn popcorn seasoning, Spanish rice, tortillas, and vegan chicken nuggets. Made a pot of rooibos.

18:00. Lit the last of the חנוכה (Hanukkah) candles. Made popcorn. Finished my olives. Ate candied mixed nuts. Ate chips and salsa.

19:00. Ate two soft tacos with refried beans, plant based taco meat, vegan cheese shreds, lettuce, Taco Bell hot sauce, and guac. Finished off with Spanish rice and guac. Finished rooibos tea.

21:16. Mom went to her room.