Dear Diary

diciembre 12, 2023

09:00. Chatted on Cheogram, got dressed, went downstairs. Made tea, combed my hair, took my medications. Got on laptop and drank tea with soy milk and sugar. Took meds with caffeinated Bubly.

10:20. Got a glass of Sunny-D and another cup of tea with sugar and soy milk. Checked email.

13:20. Aunt Sue came home with our pizzas. I switched my Mastodon's language to Ladino. I made a pot of tea with a tea flower.

Glass teapot with brewed flowering tea.

16:30. Transcribed a Ladino Wikipedia article to Hebrew letters.

19:32. Ate half a large pizza with vegan cheese, cashew parmesan, and red chili flakes. Ate half a pint of Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy "Netflix 'n Chilled" ice cream. Made a cup of Sleepytime herbal tea. Put white tea leaves in the teapot for tomorrow.

22:04. Went to bed.