Dear Diary

December 11, 2023

09:15. Got up. Went downstairs. Made tea. Took meds.

11:25. Returned home from Love's. Got Aunt Sue's Christmas present from the Amazon locker. Made a pot of Irish breakfast tea.

12:00. Had So Delicious non-dairy coconut yogurt with granola. Had a bowl of chili Frito pie. Had another cup of tea with soy milk and sugar. Had a cup of hot cocoa. Took a nap.

16:50. Lit חנוכה (Hanukkah) lights. Got a glass of Sunny-D. Turned on the electric מנורה (menorah).

19:22. Had chili cheese fries with guac. Made chamomile tea. Watched Rick and Morty.

20:57. Went to bed.