Dear Diary

December 10, 2023

10:00. Put on pajamas, sockn asd slippers. Combed hair. Chatted on Libera. Went downstairs. Took meds. Checked Codeberg for pull requests.hwplayer1 sent me a pull request. I merged it. Got a glass of Pepsi.

11:14. Ate five leftover latkes from last night. Four with guac, one with apple butter. Also had a cup of vanilla yogurt with granola. Made a cup of English breakfast tea and drank a glass of caffeinated Bubly. Checked email.

19:46. Upgraded Guix on my Chromebook. Mom got me a glass teapot for חנוכה Hanukkah! I made a pot of Chinese white tea immediately!

Brewed tea in clear glass teapot.

20:00. Finished drinking a pot of chamomile. Installed LyX.

21:30. Went to bed.