Dear Diary

diciembre 09, 2023

08:15. Put on socks and slippers. Went downstairs. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Took meds. Took vitamin. Made tea with sugar and almond nog.

10:30. Got fully dressed. Went to Walmart. Got Fritos, vegan ice cream, mini pies, frozen seasoned French fries, Bubly, Sunny-D, salsa, tofu scramble. Went to Love's convenience store, got Amazon package. Dropped off some mail at the post office.

13:00. Came home. Took in groceries. Ate two boxes of tofu scramble and two pieces of avocado toast. Got a Bubly. Checked email. Watched Rick and Morty. Mom wrapped presents. I ate a bunch of mixed holiday nuts.

16:00. Watched How the Universe Works with Uncle Jim.

17:00. Watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and lit the חנוכה (Hanukkah) lights.

Menorah with four candles lit.

17:16. Turned on the electric מנורה (menorah) and turned on the Christmas lights.

19:37. Ate five לאַטקעס (latkes) and some Just Egg with Violife cheese shreds. Drank a beer.

20:18. Went to bed.