Dear Diary

diciembre 05, 2023

07:30. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Used the bathroom. Got a glass of Pepsi. Took my meds. Made a cup of tea with soy milk and sugar.

Got on laptop. Dino crashed. I tried reinstalling Dino to see if updating it might help. It didn't. I resorted to using the Snikket SDK Demo. Fell asleep on the couch.

10:49. Woke up. Watched Rick and Morty. Got some Cheerios with soy milk, and some key lime pie coconut yogurt. Made some more tea with soy milk and sugar.

11:35. Checked email. Emailed help-guix about Dino's segfaulting.

14:50. Bored. Tired.

16:00. Had a bowl of chili Frito pie. Made a cup of tea with almond nog and sugar.

17:10. I wrote a post on Mastodon to the Free Software Foundation about the sorry state of technology and our society.

Society won't change. They'll continue to conduct their business under the control of Meta and Google. The only solution is to reject technology and the society that is controlled by it. Eventually, the gap between digital society and offline society will be so great that free software users will have to start navigating the world like a Mennonite, using their worldly neighbors as proxies to buy groceries off Amazon. The future is terrible, and I have no reason to expect any improvement.

19:35. Ate a bowl of chili Frito pie and had a cup of tea with almond nog and sugar.

20:12. Emacs edits Fountain files very well. It can even export to PDF with nothing but GNU roff. Combined with Olivetti Mode, it's a delightful experience.

20:50. Mom goes to her room. I turn in for the night.