Dear Diary

December 04, 2023

07:00. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Used the bathroom. Got on laptop.

09:00. Converted system configurations to noweb. Fixed Atom feed link on website. Checked email. Got a Pepsi and took my meds.

11:28. Had a bowl of Cheerios with Silk Nextmilk, and a cup of Silk vanilla soy yogurt.

14:42. Returned from Walmart. Got vegan shredded cheese, malt vinegar, Fritos, vegan shredded hamburger, grapefruit, beans, chili seasoning, green bell pepper, vegan ham slices, Thai basil dumplings, vegan fried fish, seasoned fries, two 30 packs of Hamm's beer, a bottle of Lee Kum Kee sriracha, a jug of soy milk, a bottle of "Futuristic" flavored Coca-Cola.

15:13. Opened a Bubly. Showed Mom the type of pajama set I want to get sometime. Mom took the dogs out.

15:49. Made a mug of Twinings Christmas tea.

17:47. Had a big bowl of vegan chili Frito pie.

18:50. Played around with the Incompatible Timesharing System.

20:06. Helped Uncle Jim take his groceries in. Had another can of Pepsi.

22:31. Uncle Jim was puking. I went to bed.