Dear Diary

December 03, 2023

12:00. Grabbed dirty clothes basket. Went downstairs. Put laundry in the washing machine. Took my pills. Got on my laptop. Got a Pepsi.

Messed up my dotfiles. I have no clue what is going on. Org Mode is generating bad Lisp code. Parentheses are not matching.

(list <<Foo>>)


(list (foo))
(list (foo))
(list (foo))

15:30. Finally ate something. Had Cheerios with Silk Nextmilk, and a Silk strawberry soy yogurt.

16:25. Got my laundry from the dryer. Put it on the staircase to my room. So glad I have clean clothes now.

17:23. Made stir fry sauce with hoisin sauce, five spice, garlic, and a little rice vinegar.