Dear Diary

diciembre 02, 2023

05:30. Woke up. Chatted on my mobile device.

07:30. Took pills. Took vitamin B12. Made tea with sugar and Silk Nextmilk.

11:16. Listened to EmacsConf 2023 and created Guix channel for SUPDUP and Chromebook audio config.

12:00. Had Apple Jacks with Silk Nextmilk and So Delicious blueberry coconut yogurt. Listened to EmacsConf.

15:47. Converted my dotfiles to a literate programming Org format.

18:26. Finally got my dotfiles built again, now that it's in a literate configuration file. Got a Pepsi. Having faux fish and chips for dinner tonight. Ate most of it. Had another Pepsi.

23:00. Went to bed.