Dear Diary

December 01, 2023

11:00. Went downstairs. Took pills.

13:54. Returned from Walmart. Met Sue at Walmart. Scratched our car on someone else's car. Got cans of real sugar Pepsi, cans of caffeine-free Pepsi, vegan Thai basil dumplings, tempeh, stir fry veggies, rice vinegar, hoisin sauce, NyQuil, DayQuil. Mom lost her wallet. Aunt Sue had to pay for it all. Drank a can of Pepsi on the way home. Took the groceries in and put them up.

15:27. Mom went to Walmart and found her wallet, thanks to Customer Service. Checked email. I added my public key to my About page. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Made tea and oats. Had tea with sugar and Silk Nextmilk. Had oats with pumpkin butter and hemp seeds.

16:38. Made blessing over wine. Lit שַׁבָּת (Shabbat) candles.

17:26. Tried to packageSUPDUP for GNU Guix. Creating a Guix channel requires signing commits; I do not know how to do this.

18:00. Mom made my grilled cheese with tomato soup. I ate it and got a Pepsi and made some chamomile.

19:49. Added more Bible quotes to my terminal. This week is the תורה (Torah) portion וַיִּשְׁלַ֨ח (Vayishlach). Notable incidents include the renaming of Jacob to Israel. I finished my Pepsi. I watched Rick and Morty with Uncle Jim.

20:00. Mom went to bed.

22:00. I went to bed.