Dear Diary

November 30, 2023

08:35. Went downstairs. Took my meds. Fell asleep on the couch.

12:24. Woke up. Made tea and oatmeal.

13:11. Ate oatmeal with hemp seeds and apple butter. Finished the apple butter, put pumpkin butter in the fridge. Drank tea with sugar and soy milk.

14:19. Downloaded mail. Checked mail. Put all archived mail into the archive tag. Got a caffeinated Bubly.

15:19. Asked Michael Cardell which XMPP client he uses.

16:37. Got a beer for Mom and myself, and put some beers in the kitchen fridge.

17:16. Had a vanilla almond milk yogurt. Finished my beer.

19:05. Reheated some pizza and had it with cashew parmesan. Had a cup of hot cocoa. Made a cup of chamomile.

20:07. Finished my chamomile. Looked at classic pajama sets online. Looked at pajama history in the Gentleman's Gazette.

21:00. Mom went to bed. Turned the TV to the radio station 101 The Fox. Wrote to the author of about its entry for Emacs's Jabber client.

22:00. Installed Jabber and Mastodon programs for Emacs. Backed up. Went to bed.