Dear Diary

noviembre 29, 2023

11:30. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Took pills.

12:00. Made tea. Made oats. Put apple butter and hemp seeds in my oatmeal. Put soy milk and sugar in my tea.

15:00. Returned from Walmart. Took groceries in. Got a strawberry Bubly. Brought in Follow Your Heart American cheese slices, soy yogurt, Gardein faux fish filets, tomato soup, peppermint candies, tissues, paper plates, and bottled water. Might have tater tots and fish filets for dinner tonight, and grilled cheese with tomato soup the next day.

16:11. Emailed help-guix about trying to get Tor Browser running on Guix using the guide "The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard Comes to Guix Containers".

17:00. Got another Bubly; this time, blueberrry-pomegranate flavor. Plugged my laptop in, as it was dying. It was getting dark; turned on the lamp. Put empty Bubly cans into recycling. Got a soft peppermint candy.

18:00. Mom puts my tater tots and faux fish in the oven. I ate the tater tots and fish with ketchup and P.F. Chang's chili hot sauce.

19:00. Had a cup of hot cocoa. Mike called Mom on Facebook Messenger. Got another Bubly. Made a cup of chamomile.

20:20. Mom went to bed. Turned on the radio on the TV to 101 The Fox.

21:28. Played with the Snikket SDK Demo that the Sopranica people helped to write. Uncle Jim took the dogs out; Blackey did not want to go outside!

22:14. Went to bed.