Dear Diary

November 28, 2023

10:12. Smelled something really awful coming from the kitchen. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Brushed hair. Got a Bubly. Took my pills. The smell was bad bacon.

12:35. Went to Price Chopper and Papa Murphey's. Got Silk Next Milk, a coconut and oat blend that's advertised as tasting like cow's milk; blueberry pomegranate Bubly; caffeinated cherry citrus Bubly; Califia Holiday Almond Nog, and a bottle of Dr. Pepper Strawberries & Cream. Picked up pizza from Papa Murphey's: Gourmet Vegetarian on regular crust, with regular sauce, with olives, and without cheese. Came home. Mom put my pizza in the oven.

13:18. Got a few slices of pizza with cashew parmesan. Dipped the crusts in marinara. Had a cup of hot cocoa.

14:39. Zerock showed me a video (yt-dlp U0UkiK8J-XY) about a NAS device. Zerock says I should use a NAS instead of manually mounting and unmounting my backup disk.

16:00. Drank a cup of Silk Nextmilk. It was so creamy!

16:30. Ashlyn from Compass Health checked in on me. I have been doing alright. I have a psychiatry appointment next Thursday and need to be up at 07:30.

Someone on IRC says that PGP is insecure. That's very bad news. Lots of free/libre software projects use it. There is a rebuttal to it.

18:49. mbsync is still taking forever to download my mail. It's annoying. Watched All In The Family.

19:25. Ate three slices of pizza with cashew parmesan and had a cup of hot cocoa. Made a cup of chamomile later. Had an argument with Zerock over GNU GPL license upgrades.

20:51. Mom went to her room.

21:38. Synced email. Checked email. Backed up.

23:00. Went to bed.