Dear Diary

noviembre 26, 2023

11:10. Woke up. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Took pills. Got on laptop. Mom watched The Making of the Mob again. I finished my apple pie for breakfast.

Had a vivid dream before I woke up.

12:44. Made tea. Got a caffeinated Bubly.

14:00. Mom put a sweater on Blackey and took the dogs out. It was very cold outside. There was snow and ice. The dog coat did not fit Blackey; Mom instead put a Christmas sweater on Blackey that fit him well. Uncle Jim took them out again, for some reason.

15:20. Could not figure out how to use /gnu/store inside a container. Aunt Sue went to bed. Mom started watching the Chiefs game. Emailed the Guix help mailing list, asking about installing packages inside containers.

17:18. Finished Bubly. Got a beer. My IRC disconnected.

18:30. Called Roey and talked about backups and VPNs and other tech stuff. Ate mashed potatoes and gravy with green bean casserole. Backed up. Finished my beer.

18:56. Mom went to her room to smoke.

20:10. Closed Dino. XMPP has been disconnected for at least half an hour. Emailed Snikket for assistance.

21:21. IRC reconnected. Almost got into an X vs. Wayland argument in #guix. Uncle Jim started puking in the bathroom and again in the kitchen. Someone on IRC says that Guix containers cannot install software and that all software for the container must be declared in the operating-system declaration.

22:20. Played with guix pack.