Dear Diary

noviembre 25, 2023

12:00. Woke up. Went downstairs. Took pills. Took B12. Mom was watching a movie called Rushed (2021). A college boy gets killed by his frat president from drinking beer laced with Xanax.

13:30. Finished my last piece of pumpkin pie and ate some of my apple pie. Put Mom's laundry in the dryer. Aunt Sue came home.

14:17. Mom watched a documentary on the Mafia and Prohibition, The Making of the Mob.

15:10. Got a lemon sorbet Bubly. Made breakfast tea. Helped Mom take her laundry to her room. Enabled Rainbow Delimiers Mode in GNU Emacs. Changed to the Adwaita theme. It's better than the default theme, that's for sure.

16:19. Mom got us both a beer. It's so perfectly cold! The beer was sitting outside.

17:00. Mom took out the dogs. I fixed my home configuration file to stay within 80 columns.

17:39. Uncle Jim came home.

19:00. Ate a plate of green bean casserole, cranberries, and faux turkey. Learned that לאַטקעס (latkes) are great in peanut oil. Watched All In The Family.

19:54. Mom puts the dogs up and goes to bed.

22:43. Watched Rick and Morty. Set up a Guix System container with network access and persistent user home directory.

mkdir /home/caleb/.container
cd /home/caleb/.container
guix system container --network --share=home container.scm

23:10. Aunt Sue left.

23:44. Went to bed.