Dear Diary

November 24, 2023

07:30. Got up. Put on pajamas. Went downstairs. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Took my pills.

09:00. Emailed the LilyPond Users mailing list to ask whether there is a LilyPond module I can use in regular Scheme code. Got another caffeinated Bubly. Learned about Guix Packager.

11:11. Ate all but one piece of my pumpkin pie. Yum!

12:19. Experimenting with a format for resumes in Scheme. Went to Walmart with Mom to get beer. Napped on couch.

15:42. Woke up. Mom used the laptop while I was asleep. I had to log out so she could log in, to save RAM.

17:12. Can't get the G-Golfexamples to work. I tried running hello-world.scmwith the command guix shell guile guile-g-golf guile-gi -- ./hello-world.scmand it gave me an error. At least it did not complain this time of lacking GTK. I asked for help on IRCabout it. Hopefully I can get it running, so I can play with the Adwaita examples. Drank a cup of wine.

;;; note: auto-compilation is enabled, set GUILE_AUTO_COMPILE=0
;;;       or pass the --no-auto-compile argument to disable.
;;; compiling /home/caleb/Downloads/./search-bar.scm
GLib-GObject:ERROR:../glib-2.72.3/gobject/gbinding.c:899:g_binding_class_init: assertion failed: (gobject_notify_signal_id != 0)
Bail out! GLib-GObject:ERROR:../glib-2.72.3/gobject/gbinding.c:899:g_binding_class_init: assertion failed: (gobject_notify_signal_id != 0)

17:56. I feel bad that I can't keep a job. Mom told me and Uncle Jim that Mike said I should be working, like my ex, Dylan, his son. Made a cup of chamomile. Watched All In The Family.

19:00. Ate Gardein turkey, green bean casserole, and cranberries for dinner.

20:00. Cannot figure out how to use Wisp in my operating system declaration. Asked the author on Mastodon about whether I could do such a thing.