Thanksgiving 2023

noviembre 23, 2023

08:15. Got fully dressed. Went downstairs. Got a caffeinated Bubly. Took meds. Put the kettle on, made breakfast tea. Brushed my hair. Put soy milk and sugar in my tea.

08:39. Aunt Sue came in. I logged into SDF.Finished tea. Added Athens to World Clocks, so I know what time David Wilson is in. Also added Norway for Amandius, and Israel.

Learned how to write scripts in Scheme, thanks to attila lendvai. It's fun!

12:10. Hungry. Thinking of digging into the green bean casserole. Looks like we didn't get Stovetop stuffing yesterday.

12:56. Got into the fruit, the crackers, the veggie tray, and finished the French onion dip. Uncle Jim left. Uncle John came by.

14:14. Sean still has not arrived. I'm worried he got lost. I called him on both my phone and my mom's phone, and texted him. Hope he's OK. Hope he's not mad at me.

19:00. Sean's still here. I'm so full and tired. Ready to go to bed. Watched the game earlier. Ate green been casserole, faux turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, cheesecake, apple pie. Sean made coffee; I had it with soy milk. Looked up electronics and soldering projects, including how to make a telegraph.

20:13. Finally done with everything. Accompanied Sean before he left. He gave me the wine! I helped Mom and Aunt Sue put the Thanksgiving dinner up. Mom was very unhappy at the end of the night; nobody helped her put the food away. Took out the trash. The trash cans were so full, I had to put the trash bag on top of something next to the trash cans to keep it out of reach of animals.

20:22. We turned out all the lights. Mom went to bed. I went to bed.