Dear Diary

noviembre 22, 2023

10:00. Mom called me to wake me up to go to the store. Went downstairs, got some water, took my meds.

Went to Walmart. Got various things for Thanksgiving. I got more Bubly. Couldn't find Cocowhip. Mom got dairy cheesecake for Uncle Jim. At checkout, we were $19 USD short and Mom had to call Aunt Sue to cover it. I got a Monster and drank it on the way home.

12:00. Returned home. Took groceries in. Tried to put Mom's cow's milk up; something smelled awful in the fridge, like rotten eggs. Mom says it was the hard-boiled eggs.

I (sort of) fixed the issue of being able to write so-called Antiqua text in Markdown. I used the <strong> tag to write Antiqua text, since I only use <em> for emphasis. It is a little hacky, but it will do. Now, if only I could create a syntax for Hebrew text, written in a nice Hebrew font like Frank Reuhl, perhaps by doing something like ,(hebrew "שלום"). This could probably be done in Skribe format! I should check out Skribe. Ideally, I would write ,(antiqua "USD") and ,(hebrew "שלום") and not use <strong> at all.

12:44. The dogs went berserk. Nobody was there! Got a lemon sorbet Bubly.

13:00. Plugged Miller the Chromebook into the charger. I love how this thing charges by USB-C! Mom took the degs out.

13:35. Mom asked me if I ate anything. I reheated some macaroni to eat. Had three sunbutter cups. Got smoked almonds out for Mom.

15:21. Sue went to bed. Watched Free Birds (2013). It's funny that Woody Harrelson is the leader of the turkey resistance, considering Harrelson is vegan. Thought about backing up my laptop. Unplugged Miller the Chromebook; it was charged.

15:39. Mike called.

16:00. Got another lemon sorbet Bubly. Bored. Learning about the Skribilo document format, powered by GNU Guile Scheme.

17:43. I figured out how to write posts in Scheme and clearly mark Hebrew and Antiqua text.

(define (hebrew text)
  `(span (@ (class "hebrew")) ,text))
(define (antiqua text)
  `(span (@ (class "antiqua")) ,text))

Now I really can do ,(antiqua "foo") in the middle of a paragraph to produce foo. And I can do it בעברית (in Hebrew) too! The downside is that the entire post has to be in Scheme. No more Markdown.

18:00. Watched the Thanksgiving episode of The King of Queens. Mom took the dogs out, because they were begging for the ham that is in the oven. They are not getting any!

Watched All In The Family.

19:43. Uncle Jim just came home. He did not have a good day.

20:03. Not sure what to eat. Had six slices of bread with guacamole. Had two sunbutter cups. Made a cup of chamomile.

21:23. Mom found my (THC) vape! It's on top of Blackey's cage.

22:06. Mom checked the sweet potatoes. They smelled good.

23:00. Went to bed.