Dear Diary

noviembre 20, 2023

Woke up. I went to sleep at 05:00; I did not want to look at the clock or see what time it is. Got up, put some clothes on, went downstairs, took my meds.

11:30. The clock said 11:30. Whew!

Mom asked me what I wanted for Thanksgiving. We decided on mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green been casserole, cranberry sauce, veggie tray with tofu French onion dip, pumpkin pie, and key lime cheesecake.

12:30. Wrote an email to the help-guix mailing list about my Chromebook UCM config I tried to get working last night. Attached me and Efraim's code.

Had a bowl of macaroni and peas. Yum!

Went to Whole Foods in Overland Park, near Pan-Asia Market. Got vegan apple pie, vegan pumpkin pie, vegan turkey roast, a fruit tray, vegan oatmilk eggnog cold brew coffee, and vegan croissants.

Went to Hy-Vee in Belton. Got vegan cheesecake, vegan heavy whipping cream, vegan chocolate peanut butter cups, vegan marshmallows, sweet potatoes, veggie tray, olives, vegan French onion dip.

Went to Uncle John's. Got turkey.

17:30. Returned home. Took in groceries. Helped Mom put away the refrigerated stuff. Mom baked the croissants.

19:00. Had a croissant. Tried to add CSS to my site (and failed). Added CSS files to site source, even though I cannot use them yet. Added Alyssa's CSS along with David Thompson's.

Personal Site v2.2:

21:38. Made no progress on the CSS issue. Watched All In The Family.

22:06. Looking at Awesome Haunt, since it's a simpler website. But it's too simple. It doesn't have a blog or anything.

23:02. Jim took the dogs out. I still couldn't figure out how to add CSS and extra pages to my website...