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Dear Diary

November 16, 2023

Dreamt about my ex, Dylan. I miss having a lover.

Got up at 12:30. Grabbed the flash drive containing the nonfree Guix installer, for Miller, our Chromebook. Put on my pajamas. Went downstairs. Took pills. Mom told me to take Sweetie out; took out Sweetie, gave her a treat. Booted Bender, my Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet.

Mom scheduled a doctor appointment for 10:30 tomorrow morning. Her back is not doing well at all. Looks like she called me earlier to take Sweetie out. I need to plug my phone back in.

13:47. Ate four slices of bread with guacamole, and some prunes.

Today I learned the government will cover the cost of PrEP.

I showed someone on how to use Docker on GNU Guix. I checked Miller to see if it was charged. nonguix would not boot from the USB stick I made last night. Wrote nonguix to a USB stick again. It still didn't boot: Miller's boot firmware didn't even list the Lexar USB flash drive as a boot option.

Took out Sweetie. Put beer in the freezer for Mom. Found out Mike moved back home so he can drive Vanessa to school.

Got a can of Bubly Bounce.

16:19. Tired. Watched Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because Mom and Uncle Jim could not agree on anything else to watach.

17:08. Finished movie. Mom got up to make gravy. Turned on lamp.

18:30. Restored my home directory on from backup on Farnsworth, my Lenovo ThinkCentre. Got SSH working on Farnsworth. Ready to send Farnsworth-related changes to my configuration files on Codeberg. Heated up some potatoes to go with gravy. Took Sweetie out and put her in her cage for the night.

19:37. Watched All In The Family. Made Twinings Pure Chamomile herbal tea for both Mom and myself.

20:51. Wrote nonguix to another USB stick. This USB stick seems to be recognized by Miller. I may be able to get Guix on Miller soon.

21:24. Started Guix installation on Miller. Closed laptop. Went to my room.