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Dear Diary

November 15, 2023

04:00. I submitted a post to help-guix titled Lenovo ThinkCentre: 1962 No Operating System Found.


I just installed Guix and the installed system won't boot.

I've looked for solutions to this issue online. Some people recommend just turning on/off CSM in the UEFI settings. Others suggest using efibootmgr to create a new entry for the OS. I've done both, and have had no luck.

Also, it would be nice if Guix System had efibootmgr. I had to boot another distro to get it.

Notice how the Fedora entry (which works) looks the same as the Guix entry, and how I tried pointing it to the right EFI file: /dev/sda1:/EFI/Guix/grubx64.efi. Nevertheless, Guix does not boot.

I installed Guix using the wizard. I used disk encryption.

I also tried booting the installed system manually, from the installer's copy of GRUB (pressing "c" before the system boots). When I did "cryptomount -a" at the GRUB prompt, no password prompt was given. It just said "unknown filesystem" and I could not access the encrypted partition. The EFI partition was accessible, but there was no kernel to point to, so I could not boot the system by typing in GRUB commands.

I hope this has been enough information. Please tell me if there is anything else I can do to help.

Good night.

04:31. Efraim from #guix helped me fix my swaylock issue! Super+L works now!

OK, now I'm going to bed!

Installed Arch to see if Guix was the only operating system that had the issue. The archinstall script was easy, albeit hard to use with a TV that chops of part of the screen. The installed system did boot. Hooray!

08:00. Got up. Checked my mailing list post: Some guy says to try doing /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1. Started a new install of Guix with just the bare essentials. Got some water. Took my pills.

I tried unlocking my newly-working Swaylock after sitting overnight. The screen turned red and Swaylock wouldn't respond to any more keystrokes.

The dogs got into the trash!

09:00. Went upstairs to check on the Guix install.

13:30. Got up. Restarted Guix install with Ethernet plugged in. Went downstairs to get Sweetie to take her out. Laptop screen unlocked just fine this time.

I opened a strawberry Bubly. Mom already opened a beer. Went upstairs to check on install. It installed! It even booted! I got into the new system just fine, and the first thing I did was log in and guix install emacs tmux git weechat.

14:30. Had a bowl of Cheerios with soy milk, and some prunes. Got some citrus cherry Bubly Bounce (caffeinated sparkling water). Got some beer in the freezer for Mom.

Went upstairs to check on package installation. It failed. I restarted it and went back downstairs. I got Mom a beer.

17:13. Took Sweetie out. Got a Guinness beer. Added Docker to Bender's system configuration. Mike came home and fell asleep. I successfully got Thumbsup running! I can now post photo galleries to my site!

Finished my beer. Watched All In The Family. Put the kettle on. Made a cup of Twinings Pure Chamomile herbal tea. Sent an email to tilde.team, requesting a reset of my SSH key. Hopefully they will get back to me.

18:40. I reheated a bowl of beans and cornbread. I plan to have avocado toast for breakfast tomorrow.

19:41. Smoked a joing with Mike. Mike went to bed.

20:00. Mom went to bed. I'm going upstairs.