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Dear Diary

November 14, 2023

Got up at 09:00. Operating system installation failed, even with wired connection from my mini router.

'guix-command substitute' died unexpectedly

Got fully dressed. Went downstairs, got water and coffee, took pills. Cut fingernails. Took shower. I felt so much better!

Mike said we will be going to the grocery store and to the Amazon delivery boxes.

Commented on GNU Guix bug "write_wait_fd: unimplemented" error from 'guix substitute'.

Wrote latest Guix ISO to USB stick. Started new installation.

12:26. Ate Cheerios with soy milk. Went upstairs to check Guix install. It was still underway. Dino disconnected from IRC.

13:05. Mike had dozed off. I went upstairs to check on the Guix install again. It was still underway. Dino was still disconnected from Libera.Chat, even after I restarted it. I gave up and started WeeChat.

13:38. Checked on install: "Grafting." Looks good! Left home.

Picked up Vanessa. Went to Hy-Vee; got sushi, Bolthouse Farms soy-tea beverage, Starbucks sweetened black coffee. Went to Walmart; got veggie broth, tahini, Bubly, birthday present for Vanessa. Dropped off Vanessa at her mom's. Visited Amazon delivery locker at Love's. Went home. Brought groceries in. Ate sushi with my homemade vegan furikake.

Missed appointment with Ashlyn.

18:07. Returned home a few minutes ago. Guix installed successfully! Sadly, it did not boot. I have yet to try booting it manually from GRUB. (GRUB doesn't show up, either.)

19:42. I re-inked my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen, and it still writes. I tried accessing my drive with cryptomount --all but it did not prompt me for a passphrase. I decided to reinstall yet again. I hope it works next time.

20:18. The new installation failed. HTTPS error. Ugh... At least Uncle Jim finally went to bed.

21:00. Mike brought me some cut up pineapple to eat. Yum!

I modified my X200 (Bender) to start a TTY with a catchphrase.

Bite my shiny metal ass!
GNU Guix System
Kernel 6.5.10-gnu on an x86_64 (tty2)

bender login:

I modified my ThinkCentre (Farnsworth) to do the same.

Good news, everyone!
GNU Guix System
Kernel 6.5.10-gnu on an x86_64 (tty2)

farnsworth login:

21:35. Mom asked me if I am ready for bed. The TV has been turned off. I shall now sign off from Bender and inspect the damage over on Farnsworth.

Good night!