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Dear Diary

November 11, 2023

Got up at 1:30 p.m. I am disappointed.

Took my B12. Took my Prozac. Took my Abilify.

Fixed issue with this site. Now, the only issue with my URIs is that they have the .html extension, which "Cool URIs" says should not be there.

Had five medjool dates and two piees of buttered cornbread, and a big cup of coffee with soy milk and sugar.

Took Sweetie out. Elliot snuck out of the back door and ran around with her for a while. I smoked half a joint.

Watched Upload. Nora and Nathan are getting married.

Chatted on #gaygeeks on Libera.Chat.

Backed up home directory to HUSKY.

Watched All in the Family.

20:33. Updating Fedora to version 39.