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Dear Diary

May 21, 2023

I got up at five o'clock in the morning. I adapted Fedora's Sway config to Trisquel. It works quite well. I can lock my screen and handle volume, and other basic things one would expect. Hopefully I can stay in this environment for some time, and not need MATE.

I had an Arnold Palmer with last night's Earl Grey tea. Then I had coffee with soy milk and took my meds.

Mom and Mike got up at seven o'clock.

Mom turned on the radio.

Sent a message to the KC LUG mailing list, saying that I'd be interested in meeting.

Had two pieces of peanut butter toast and two pieces of cherry preserves toast.

I've discovered a decent XMPP client for the terminal, Poezio. It supports OMEMO encryption!

Had a long conversation with Kashif in SDF COM.

Took a dump.

Looking for Waybar themes. Ended up taking the minimal theme from the wiki, adding the keyboard layout indicator, and coloring everything black.

Black Waybar in Sway with two piglets for a wallpaper

Mike left.

Mom got a six-pack of Hamm's beer.

16:39. Just woke up from my nap. Mom transferred my laundry to the dryer. Everything got dry this time, for once. I collected them and took them upstairs to my room.

Mom forgot to get dill and avocado. She needs it for the cucumber salad she made. I'm going to have it with vegan chicken strips.