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Dear Diary

May 20, 2023

Today is World Bee Day.

I got up at eleven o'clock in the morning. I made coffee in my new French press that my coworker Sean gave me. It fell apart when I was rinsing it after use. I ate two slices of peanut butter toast with a banana.

I drank a glass of lime sparkling water that we got from Aldi in our grocery shopping trip yesterday. In addition to the sparkling water, I got Aldi Graintastic bread, Raisin Bran, roasted garlic hummus, cilantro, mushrooms, celery, lemons, and limes. We also went to Hy-Vee to get tofu, minced garlic, and bananas. We remembered to take our reusable bags, so we didn't waste a bunch of plastic in our trip.

I got an email from Dallin and replied to him. He's still in the process of moving.

Mike, Vanessa and Rose left.

I helped Mom bring her laundry downstairs.

I'm still happily enjoying XMPP. My XMPP service has been migrated from dismail.de to Snikket. All my SMS text messages go through it, as does all my IRC activity. It's very nice having all my communications in one program (Gajim on laptop, Cheogram on mobile). I'm currently working to get rid of Discord, and I've mostly, if not completely, eliminated Telegram.

Mom fixed my French press.

Sean called me and talked forever. Glad to see the telephone is still working with the <abbr title="Analog Telephone Adapter">ATA</abbr>.

I had four slices of pizza for dinner.

I went to bed at ten o'clock.