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Dear Diary

November 05, 2022

I got up.

I made tea with Bigelow Constant Comment, Twinings Earl Grey, and genmaicha.

I got dressed. I put on my rainbow heart pin and yamulke.

I took my meds and B12.

I ate breakfast. I had Tasteeos (Cheerios) with soy milk and honey.

Mom and I went to the hospital to see Grandma. Uncle Jeff was already there. Grandma did not want visitors, so I stayed in the background and did not say anything. We went to the waiting room, and I took some of the no-cost coffee and read Genesis 12 from the Gideon Bible on the table.

Uncle Jeff got a nice handicap van from amsvans.com.

When we got home, I had olive bread with garlic hummus for lunch.

Mom gave her boyfriend Michael "Mike" Domerese his birthday present early. It was a winter coat.

Mom is making vegetarian beans with vegetarian beef broth and cornbread.

Mom is fighting with Uncle Joe and Uncle Jim on the phone, because they insist on going to the hospital and disturbing Grandma's rest.