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Dear Diary

October 26, 2022

Wednesday 20221026

I woke up early, at 04:30 CDT. I thanked God for another day. I got dressed. I combed my hair. I oiled and combed my beard. I packed my bag with Clif Bars and falafel wrap. I poured last night's pot of Lady Grey tea into my thermos. I brewed a new pot of tea and put that in my thermos. I put my thermos in my bag. I brushed my teeth. Put on deodorant and body spray.

Aunt Sue took me to work like always. She got me orange juice. I guzzled it down.

Had falafel wrap for lunch.

I listened to Jewish Veg's YouTube videos at work.

We're ordering Chinese tonight. I want to try mu shu vegetables. Mom's boyfriend Michael "Mike" Domerese and his daughter Vanessa are coming over.

Brewed a pot of Lady Grey. Transferred my genmaicha to a tea tin. Consolidated Constant Comment and Bigelow tea bags into a tea tin. Labelled the matcha tea tin.

Took out the trash. Replaced the trash bag.

Mom called the Chinese restaurant. I'm getting an extra order of spring rolls at no cost, to make up for last time, when they had put shrimp on them.

Vanessa got Mom a cardigan that's nearly identical to mine, minus the buttons.