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Dear Diary

October 25, 2022

Tuesday 20221025

Today was a good day!

I woke up late but got to work on time.

I ate three Clif Bars for breakfast. I had miso hot pot for lunch, with a birthday cake blondie.

I emailed Jewish Veg about whether it is possible to have vegan ציצית. They said it was not, that it has to be wool.

I called fellow conversion program graduate and plant-based eater, Peter Pizor, about his current activity. He says he still goes to Friday night services and still eats the Esselstyn diet. He would be happy to share food with me.

I called my friend Roey Katz about my phone call with Peter Pizor, and about my email to Jewish Veg concerning ציצית.

I emailed the rabbi of Congregation BIAV, Mark Glass, about whether Jews in the UK have a kettle, a hot water urn, or both.

I wrote to Jeff Novick, MS RDN about creatine. People in ##vegan on Libera.Chat say that it needs to be supplemented. I also asked him whether his suit was cotton or wool.

The ancient Egyptians worshiped sheep. I wonder if they had a taboo against wool clothing. Sure enough, the Wikipedia article says wool was very rare in ancient Egypt. I wonder if the Israelites wore wool while in Egypt.

Mom heated me up some more hot pot for dinner.

19:17 CDT Michael Domerese and Vanessa come over

Vanessa broke up with Rose. They're having issues again, since Rose's birthday party.