Dear Diary

October 15, 2022

Saturday 20221015


09:15 CDT Got up

I wanted to avoid electronics today. I got bored and decided to take care of myself to take up the time.

I got up around 09:15 CDT. I said the morning blessings. I got dressed. I combed my hair. I combed and brushed my beard. I put on my rainbow heart pin.

I walked out the door. I barely remembered my yarmulke. I went to the bathroom. I did not say the bathroom blessing, because I was embarrased, and because I could not do ritual handwashing. I took my Prozac and Abilify, and drank a glass of water.

09:46 CDT Got on IRC

I got on IRC. I paced back and forth several times after taking my medication. Mom and her boyfriend Michael "Mike" Domerese were watching a Western on television. I eventually acquiesced and sat into my chair with my laptop, like always.

My IRC client was disconnected when I checked it. I was right! We did have connection problems at 04:30 CDT! I had to right-click the server and click "Connect." My friend Roey Katz greets me immediately in ##grue on Libera.Chat.

Mike goes to the bank at 09:52 CDT to put $40 USD in his account so that it does not get closed.

I make a pot of cardamom coffee and drink three to four cups with sugar and soy milk, and one cup with honey.

I take out the trash and replace the trash can's bag.

We went to the car wash and then to Kansas City.

16:08 CDT Returned home from Kansas City

We parked by the River Market and took the streetcar to the Power & Light District. It had a good carnival. We bought a funny tee-shirt for Mike that reads "I like my butt rubbed and my pork pulled." We sampled a peanut butter whiskey called Skrewball, available at Hy-Vee. It was smoother and tastier than Fireball.

We took the streetcar to Union Station. We checked out the Chiefs shop. They did not have buttons, pins, or badge clips; I was disappointed.

When leaving Union Station, we encountered a group of Mennonite men, women and children. The women kept looking at me, probably because of my pants.

Finally, we went back to River Market to go to Houndstooth KC, a menswear and suit store. The shirts were $150 USD. Vests are only available for custom suits. They cannot sell fabric. A three-piece suit costs $1 600 USD. Their navy suit looked amazing on me! It was wool and cashmere, but they said they did once make a vegan suit for a client. To get the pants I want, I'd have to source my fabric independently of beth Carter & Jasper's Mercantile and Houndstooth KC, and give the fabric to the both of them to make my pants and suit respectively. We had a discussion about how uncomfortable polyester is, and how there really aren't many alternatives to wool, and how cotton doesn't really work in the winter.

We drove home. We thought about what to get for dinner. We tried going to Chipotle, but it said they are temporarily closed and only offer online orders. Eventually, I had to break down and let Mom deposit all my cash into my checking account, so we could order Chinese food and Popeye's through Grub Hub and Amazon Prime free shipping.

Once home, Mom added me to her credit card. I got my own credit card in my wallet now. I open a beer and munch on some pepitas. I spread out the Skrewball handkerchief that we got from the Power & Light District.

16:28 CDT Mom orders food

Mom gets out a beer. She orders my Chinese food, consisting of steamed mixed vegetables, tofu, steamed rice, and fresh springrolls. Grub Hub remembered my order. Mom also ordered something for Mike and herself.

17:26 CDT Mike goes out

Mike goes out, to get his daughter Vanessa Domerese her iPad for school.

18:00 CDT David Russell drops off food

I got Buffalo Bites, Vegan'nitas, falafel, bread, and fruit. It's good!