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Dear Diary

October 09, 2022

Sunday 20221009


08:30 CDT Woke up

I read the morning prayers from my prayer book. I brushed my teeth. I took a full shower. I got dressed. I oiled my beard. I combed my hair and beard. I put on deodorant. I put on body spray. I took my Prozac and Abilify. I took 2 000 mcg B12.

10:00 CDT Watched TV and ate breakfast

Mom, her boyfriend Michael "Mike" Domerese, and I are watching The Flinstones on MeTV over-the-air on the television.

I'm too lazy to make anything for breakfast. I'm just going to have three Clif Bars.

Chatting on IRC. My friend Roey Katz is not online. mnrmnaugh asked me to translate the Hebrew I write in the chat, so that he can learn some Hebrew. I will be separating translations with an equals sign, like so:

Ani kotev. = I write.

15:02 CDT Went to Walmart

We got home from Walmart a while ago.

Actually, I just finished writing a letter to my fellow Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City congregant, Joyce Fulps. I thanked her for the Rosh HaShana cards, for thinking of us, and asked her if anybody would be willing to give me rides to services.

Mom, Mike, and his daughter, Vanessa Domerese, went to Walmart together. We got food to put on the grill. Mom got a thirty-pack of Hamm's beer, hot dog buns, and hamburger buns. I got Follow Your Heart smoked Gouda vegan cheese, Field Roast Italian sausages, and Guy's dip chips. Mike got dog food. Vanessa got spicy chips, root beer, chocolate chips cookies, and off-brand Mountain Dew.

We also went to Hy-Vee. Walmart was out of fries. Mom got seasoned waffle fries, pickle slices, and ice. I got a venti coconut milk vanilla latte at Starbucks for 6 USD and some change. I gave the change to the cashier as a tip.

15:31 CDT Had a snack

Snacked on somoe Eat Gud Buffalo Bites and half a glass of black cherry soda. Mom is snacking on some pork rinds. Mom called Mike to get some charcoal; we are out, it turns out.

17:30 CDT Mike and Vanessa return

Mike and Vanessa come back from their house and Walmart. Mike brought the French onion soup mix for the dip. The dip tastes great. I ate the whole tub of sour cream.

19:30 CDT Ate dinner

For dinner, I had waffle fries, barbecue beans, and a burger with Gouda cheese and guacamole.