Dear Diary

October 07, 2022

Friday 20221007


03:00 CDT I got paid!

My account now has over a 1 000 USD! I really need to make sure I organize all this money, so it gets spent properly.

15:30 CDT Went to Compass Health

I attended my weekly appointment with my mental health case manager Brooke Keith. She recommended a weighted blanket for anxiety. She also recommended putting my hands behind my head and lifting up, whenever there is tension in my chest.

Brooke likes my flat cap.

I added her (work) phone number to my XMPP roster. I sent her a photo of myself.

16:00 CDT Went to bank

I withdrew 300 USD in cash and quarters, for daily spending and laundry. The cash is in fives and tens.

16:20 Came home

I paid 89 USD in membership dues to Temple Israel of Greater Kansas City. I put 200 USD in my savings account for Hebrew classes later this month.

I got out two new Shabbat candles for tonight. Mom is not feeling well, so I cannot go to Shabbat services tonight. I have to stay home.

Mom is ordering Chipotle for dinner. I'm getting a burrito with brown rice, black beans, Sofritas, and guac. We get free shipping, thanks to Amazon Prime and Grub Hub.