Tuesday 20220927


  • Woke up
  • Trouble at work
  • Got home from work
  • Mom returns home from Hy-Vee

    05:15 CDT Woke up

    Mom woke me up for work. I reused my white dress shirt from yesterday (20220926) which had my rainbow heart lapel pin on it and my Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in the pocket. I put on some white briefs and some navy dress socks, and put on my black broadfall pants with navy blue suspenders. I got my yarmulke and glasses and headed out my bedroom door.

    I brushed my hair. I grabbed my badge for work. I made sure I had my wallet and keys. I took my pills.

    I did not oil my beard. I did not brush my teeth. I did not take a shower.

    I got in Aunt Sue’s car to go to work. I gave her Uncle John’s envelopes.

    11:35 CDT Trouble at work

    I feel like I’m in everyone’s wayy. Everyone is new and I don’t know anybody here anymore. My coworker Kangnivi Lantchible is doing a different job on the floor.

    I go to scan product and there are three other people around the flatbed. No room for me to do anything. It’s hard to look busy when three people are doing a one-person task.

    Yet another long-timer is resigning. Everyone’s leaving. My coworker Daniel [Last Name] has been here forever and is staying, but he’s always pissy. Everything irritates him.

    My coworker Adrian [Last Name] is a cute androgynous girl. I did not know girls could have the name Adrian.

    15:00 CDT Got home from work

    Uncle John picked me up from work. I got home at 15:00 CDT. I checked the mail. The door was locked. Mom was not home. I called Mom; she was at Hy-Vee after her dentist appointment.

    15:47 CDT Mom returns home from Hy-Vee

    Mom returns home from Hy-Vee. She can now use her healthy food card at Hy-Vee and not just Walmart now. Her boyfriend Michael “Mike” Domerese came into the apartment with her; he was waiting out back. Mom got Kite Hill vegan sour cream; she’s going to make potato soup.

    I make some genmaicha with matcha. Mike goes to get his daughter Vanessa from the library for her schooling.

Written on September 27, 2022