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Dear Diary

September 24, 2022

Saturday 20220924 08:00 CDT Woke up at a decent time. Ate a vegan blueberry scone I got from David Russell Thursday (20220922) with some matcha tea that Mom got me Monday (20220919) while wearing a blue and white striped robe. Got dressed with my green and grey checked button-up shirt and my black broadfall "Amish" pants.

10:00 CDT Transcribed diary entries while Mom was doing the dishes. I got almost all of them transcribed and added to this diary repository. The ones I have yet to transcribe are in the root of "supplemental/". My friend Roey Katz edited my transcriptions to match his format, and I merged his changes. I also added GNU GPLv3 license headers to his scripts that I am using in the "scripts/" directory. If this diary system gets published (with Roey's approval) then I will call it "Yoman."

18:00 CDT Talked to my friend Roey Katz about his diary system. We discussed this over the phone and in private message on Libera.Chat IRC. I asked him if each entry had to have the day and date at the top, and he said it did. I asked him if the file names had to exactly match YYYYMMDD and he said they did. He moved my page scan from 20210721 to "supplemental/20210721.supplemental/20210721.jpg".

18:30 CDT I wrote my first diary entry. Once I finished writing this entry, I sent him a copy of this very first diary entry written in his format.

20:17 CDT Watched American Horror Story. It turns out that the perverted doctor in the insane asylum is a Nazi war criminal, and a new patient at the facility is Anne Frank.