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Dear Diary

September 22, 2022

Thursday 20220922 04:00 CDT Woke up early

I awoke early, at 04:00 CDT. I wore my rainbow heart pin. I forgot my watch.

For breakfast, I had raisin oatmeal. For lunch, I had Papa Murphey's Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza with vegan cheese, olives, and marinara sauce. For dinner, I had chilli with tortillas.

XX:XX CDT Received goodies from David [last name] at my place

After work, I washed my clothes. I donated $79 to the Temple. I sent Mom the dates for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. I inked my pen. David came by our apartment with goodies for me. I got a dozen pastries and a chocolate cake.

20:00 CDT Saw Roey Katz's journal format on a Jitis videoconference with him

Roey Katz showed me his journal on Jitsi at around 19:00 CDT. He gave me his scripts and a directory layout. I plan to use it in conjuction with Logarion.

I brushed my teeth. I wrote in my diary. I went to bed.