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Dear Diary

August 01, 2022

Monday 20220801

XX:XX CDT Errors abound at work

I texted my coworker Sal [last name] good morning. Sending the message failed. I worried that he had blocked me. I thought about it at work and got an upset stomach. Then, Shane [last name] put a thick pile of errors on my desk. The errors turned out to be everyone's, but I was already overwhelmed. On break, I called Mom to pick me up. And it turned out my message to Sal did send; I freaked out for nothing.

XX:XX CDT Dinner with Mike [last name] and his daughter Vanessa at my place

Mike and Vanessa came over for burritos. We watched some movie. Vanessa seems to have complications with [her girlfriend] Rose [last name]. I had food when they were over, but I was not hungry for dinner. I did not eat dinner.