Dear Diary

June 11, 2022

Saturday 20220611

Thursday (20220609) was crazy. Our work piled up beyond belief. Today was not so bad, however. The work was moderate, even though I was the only one there to work on it.

Mom cleaned our pipes today. I munched on chicken fingers and potato wedges. Mom tried to make honey mustard, but there was not enough honey.

For lunch, I had mashed sweet potatoes and carrots. It was amazingly good. Luckily I found a recipe for it on Minimalist Baker's website.

I filled my Pilot Metropolitan with ink today. I found out I must fully submerge the nib when filling the converter. One thing I dislike about this pen is its nib; it's too light, too fine a point for my taste. I really think I should have gotten a medium nib. Regardless, I hope my ink lasts. I hate it when my pen runs out of ink when I need it most! I really want to make this pen work.

I forgot to light שֲׁבָּת candles in the evening; I got too stoned. I had four servings of matcha. It was good. I cannot wait for this week's Hebrew class; I'm aching for more Hebrew. I hope my pen does not quit on me.