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Dear Diary

May 19, 2022

Thursday 20220519

I had a rough day at work. Patel [last name] always seems to give me condescending looks. I had an unusual amount of flatbeds to take up today. For breakfast I had oats with walnuts and dried fruit. For lunch, a PB&J. For dinner, Mom made Korean noodles.

I emailed several local tailors about broadfall pants. I want to start saying קריאת שמע at night and morning, but it requires ציצית & תפילין. Perhaps I should ask Rabbi Grussgott on how to do daily prayers.

Mom and I went to Pan-Asia. I got nori and matcha. I could not froth it with a regular whisk. We got two shots of whiskey at the smoke shop for myself.

I want to take a shower, but I am too tired.