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Dear Diary

May 05, 2022

Thursday 20220505

03:00 CST Woke up early this morning

I woke up at 03:00 CDT and called in at 05:15 CDT. Mom's tablet went off, but it's now 05:25 CDT and she has not gotten up, so I'm assuming I'm not going to work today.

I am kind of getting bored "chilling at home," as my coworker Rachel [last name]would say, but I know work without my coworker Kang [last name] would be boring to no end. I do hope I can get back into the swing of things by next week. Doing nothing is getting old.

I hope to actually do the dishes today. I want my day to be meaningful. Not having a meaningful day is why I get so bored at work, and why the silence bothers me so much.

Mike is acting awfully strange. He always finds an excuse to not come over. "You guys got bronchitis;" "I'm get- ting used to being alone." This sucks.