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Dear Diary

May 03, 2022

Tuesday 20220503

I left work after first break. There was nothing to do and my coworker Kang [last name] was not there, because he was training at the Annex.

We went straight to Sue [last name]'s after mom picked me up Mom had to fix Grandma's phone. Once in Belton, we got beer and transferred rent money into my checking account.

I backed up the home directories today. I restored my SSH keys from backup so git and SSH now work. I fixed Telegram by installing the Flatpak. I updated my site to include a menu.

I wish I wasn't such a wreck. I don't want to miss so much work. I feel like I need a vacation. I guess my absence will show what things will be like without my coworker Tanvir [last name]. I wish I could do the dishes without hesitation. I don't want to be a failure.

I sometimes wish I had a boyfriend to hold me at night and fill me with his warmth. Perhaps I should get a dildo.

I cleared the apps on my phone. No more Scruff or chat apps. Just Camera and Syncthing and text messages.