Dear Diary,

July 21, 2021

Today was a good day. I made my bed, I brushed my teeth, I oiled and balmed my beard, I brushed my hair, and I made tea before leaving for work. ברוך ה', this was a su- perb day in my life.

I ate a nicer breakfast—Clif Bars and a blueberry yogurt Lunch and dinner com- prised of leftovers—bean stew, fried potatoes, green beans and onions.

Today my bag was absolutely stuffed with food! Clif bars, lunch, two bottles of Sunny D, two cans of Bubly, two infu- sors of tea, and a mug of tea.

רבי had me call the מקווה at קהילת ישראל. The operator said רבי should be ma- king the arrangements. I'm not sure if I want to wait until Friday to talk to רבי.

The temperature today reached 100°F, and it certainly did feel like it.

My laptop, Bender, has internet again. I reinstalled Fedora 34 and backed up my home directory to Scruffy. I am recovering my files as I write this.

To the new system, I installed Linux Libre, Gajim, IceCat, gitg, KeepassXC.

Yesterday (20220720), I set SSH up with Git, so I could put my site in version control again. Good night! א גוטע נאכט!